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The Georgia Jeans

A breakdown of how they fit and where they came from.

To tell the story of the jeans I designed, my husband Marc had the idea to put all of my inspirations into a sequence set to music. He directs films. He sees stories in motion on screens (whereas, I see them as words on webpages), and for this he suggested I do the narration. It’s personal. It’s about family. I hope you’ll watch, it explains a lot.

In the Georgia jean with the t-shirt I’m always talking about. I’m 5’4” and wearing a size 24.

The fit of the Georgia jean is different than any other jean I own. Though I am forever inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, my jean is not intended to fit or look like the pairs she wore in the 1940s. The Only Jane’s Georgia is a mid-rise (10.25” on a size 27, to be exact), with a relaxed leg that is straight when you look at it head-on, and curved in profile. The hem tapers slightly. The inner and outer leg seams are both felled, which gives it structure and strong wash lines. There is no coin pocket. Instead, the Georgia comes with my Signature Anchor Charm, a D-ring embellishment that I originally designed for Jump One. You can buy the Anchor Charm separately and attach it to anything. It completes the Georgia for me.

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The Georgia, front and back.

Let’s talk about sizing. Eight out of ten times I wear jeans in a size 25. In the Georgia, I prefer a 24. Early customer feedback is mixed – some of you are sizing down, and some of you are not.

, who wore it in her most recent 5 Things with these Eastland mocassins, chose her usual size. The model on my website , who makes delicious wine and has a really fun Substack called Amuse Bouche, is wearing both a size down (w/ the white tee) and a size up (w/ the Trip Jacket) from her usual 26, here. My point is not to confuse you. I think starting with a size down is best for most of us. Just keep in mind, tight and wedgie is not the goal.

The leg is baggy but straight when you look at it head-on; curved in profile. For length, I like the back of the hem to hit the floor. The inseam is 30” on sizes 24-26 (and 31” on sizes 27 - 31). I had mine shortened 1” – with the original hem – so the inseam is 29”. I am 5”4”.

Georgia is an easy-going jean. It is soft and loose. It’s what I need as a mom and what I wear when I want to feel cool and unrestricted. I wouldn’t call it trendy, but it’s definitely more fashion than a standard fit. The mid-rise is like an original 501 and could take some getting used to. You may need to have them hemmed (I did). They are made with the very best Italian denim (Candiani) in small batches at a local Los Angeles factory. They are expensive because they are not mass produced, and the indigo wash – a vintage-inspired blue that took many months to get right – is an original recipe, done mostly by hand. My hope is that the Georgia will make you feel, as one reader put it, “100% myself.”

Made in a small factory in Los Angeles with the best 100% cotton denim from Italy. It also comes in Salt white for summer.

Georgia is not intended to be an everything-for-every-occasion jean – what jean (or person, for that matter) is to any of us? – and what purpose would I have as a designer if it was? For me, this jean is a reflection of where my heart has been for the last few years: Looking for comfort, finding it in my family, and learning slowly how to do something useful and new.

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I’ll be back with other people’s jeans and stories next week. Questions about fit or sizing, put it in the comments below. Chances are, someone else will appreciate the answer, too. Thank you for reading, shopping, sharing, liking, subscribing and taking the time to look at what I’m making. Your support, as always, is everything.


Recently, at a kid-less 5:45pm dinner in L.A. with my husband Marc, wearing that famous sweater and my new Trip Jacket (size S).

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